Detroit Bat Mitzvah's

A Bat Mitzvah is an important and incredibly significant event in a girl's life. There will be much studying and preparation done for this incredible milestone, as well as a mix of emotions ranging from nervousness to excitement. Choosing a mitzvah will be a personal task with much meaning attached to it! Here, however, we will talk about some of the most popular ideas for the celebration after the synagogue.

As with any party, the size and theme of the celebration will vary. Some will opt for intimate family gatherings, while others may go all out and plan and elaborate party. If your synagogue has a designated hall for celebrations, you will likely have the option of throwing your celebration there. Of course you can always book an entirely separate hall if you prefer! When you're getting ready for this special event, the basics of party planning will apply.

First, decide on your location and think about what your vision is for the party. An intimate dinner at a restaurant? A large party with passed hours d'oeuvres or a kosher buffet? Will there be party theme? Dancing? DJ or band? Will you be hiring a photographer? You can find any of these vendors in or around Detroit in much the same way you'd begin searching for vendors for any party or event. Ask any friends or family who have recently thrown a bat or bar mitzvah for their child and see if they have any recommendations. Or will you be opting for a smaller gathering of family or pot luck at home after the synagogue?

If you're planning a big party, a party bus or limousine is a great choice for transportation. Whether it's just a special treat for your daughter or to transport all of your guests, you can't go wrong with one of our amazing Detroit limos for the bat mitzvah! We have beautiful vehicles in a range of sizes to accommodate any amount of people. We know how important this event is to you and your family, and we'll make sure your traveling experience is flawless. We will arrive on time and you'll find that our drivers are the best in the business. We consider it a true honor to be chosen as the transportation provider for such a precious event, and we will make sure that you are completely satisfied with your experience with us!

Our vehicles have plenty of fun features your family will love. You can eat and drink on board, watch movies, or listen to music! Perhaps you're planning a family outing to a local destination - you can enjoy family time as you travel in a spacious vehicle. Or perhaps your planning a lavish event and your daughter wants to make a grand entrance at the venue by arriving in a limousine. If you're planning a bat mitzvah and want luxury transportation, you can give us a call any time 24/7 to get information or make a reservation!