Detroit Party Bus Rental Fleet Page

When it comes to stylish and fun party buses to rent in Detroit, you're not going to find a better selection of sizes and vehicles to fit your requirements! Just check out the great choices below, and feel free to contact Detroit Party Bus Rental should you have any further questions or want more information of any kind!

Unless otherwise stated, each and every one of our vehicles will feature granite topped bars, elegant hardwood floors, a number of high definition televisions, high quality sound systems, LED and/or Fiber Optic mood lighting systems that change colors, and last but not least leather seating. You'll find that the party buses can all be equipped with a dancing pole, while the limousines and party vans cannot because the height of the vehicle makes it an impractical addition.


  • Sporty, roomy comfort.

    This van is the perfect choice if you're looking for a mid capacity Detroit Party Bus Rental! With a uniquely styled interior, ground affect styled exterior, you'll be surprised at just how fun and comfortable this party bus is. As it's so reasonably sized and priced, this one books fast! Call today for more info!

10 Passenger Party Van

For any group requiring roomy and comfortable luxury for a night out on the town or any small event, you're not going to find a better choice than this 10 passenger party van! This van offers an intimate setting and fun limo-style features including colorful lighting, leather perimeter seating, a custom sound system, CD player and Bluetooth connect, and so much more!


  • Perfect for 10-12 passengers

    For smaller groups, this 10-12 passenger Dodge Charger limousine is exactly what you need for an unforgettable night out on the town! It has a great array of multimedia features for your enjoyment. It's a perfect limo for weddings, going to concerts, or enjoying a night out in Detroit!

10 Passenger Dodge Charger

If you have a group of 10 to 12 passengers you can't go wrong with this Dodge Charger limousine! This limo with jet wing doors has a custom interior that is nothing short of luxurious. This limo features leather upholstery, colorful lights, a booming audio system, CD player, DVD player, and much more.


  • A popular and comfortable choice!

    For those who value a great view of the world outside will truly appreciate this slick 12 passenger Detroit Party Bus Rental. While she still has a couple of HD televisions and a great sound system, we've left this one open on the sides to give those sightseers in your group a better look at the world outside.

12 Passenger Range Rover

This Detroit Party Bus Rental has no shortage of luxurious amenities to keep everyone comfortable and entertained all throughout your journey with us. A very cool mood lighting system, dark tinted windows, an excellent sound system, and the granite topped bars you expect. You'll definitely enjoy the colorful floor and ceiling lights as well!


  • New and Ready!

    This slick 22 passenger party bus is one of the newer additions to our spectacular fleet! With a plethora of LARGE high definition video monitors throughout, dark hardwood flooring, and a sleekly styled interior design, be one of the first to hit the town in this technological wonder!

12 Passenger Town Car

If you're searching for an elegant vehicle, look no further! We defy convention in bringing you this beautifully styled party bus! It's a perfect choice for any event you can imagine, and is jam-packed with fun amenities to keep your group entertained throughout the night.


  • To Infiniti...

    Our Infiniti limousine with jet wing doors and a booming audio system is just what you need if you have 18 to 20 passengers and need an incredible mode of transportation. This limousine offers TVs, a DVD player, CD player, USB port, Bluetooth audio, and more!

18 Passenger Escalade

If you're heading out for an exciting night out in Detroit, you can't do better than this gorgeous Infiniti limousine. This limo will ensure you and all of your guests are comfortable and entertained! This limo has three beverage coolers, so there will be no shortage of drinks!


  • Dress to impress!

    Our largest limousine is our 20 passenger Escalade limousine! Inside, you'll find everything you could possibly dream of in a luxurious party bus vehicle... High Def televisions, elegant hardwood floor, ostentatious sound system, leather seating and so much more!

20 Passenger Escalade

Take a trip around town like you'd never imagine possible in this luxurious 20 passenger Escalade limousine! Featuring the unbelievable style and comfort you've come to expect in a Detroit Party Bus Rental, you just can't go wrong with a bus of this size and feature set.


  • Elegance, comfort, and style!

    For groups of up to 28, you simply can't go wrong with this gorgeous 28 passenger white party bus! This beautiful limo bus features a uniquely styled interior, a stately white exterior, and comfort all around. Get ready for your next big event, and book this one before it's gone!

28 Passenger Party Bus

The perfect choice for up to 28 passengers. This luxurious white party bus is the perfect option in any event you could come up with. People have even invented options, just so they can spend time in this premier party bus option!


  • Spacious yet intimate

    This party bus is one of our more popular larger options, and with what style and amenities we've installed in here, it's no surprise! Comfortable leather seating for up to 30 passengers, unbelievably clear and loud audio, high definition video, and multiple granite topped bars to accommodate your group's drinks.

30 Passenger Party Bus

Get up to 29 of your closest acquaintances together and enjoy a night out like you've never imagined possible! Or, enjoy being transported around in the lap of luxury, for any event imaginable.


  • The "luxury" bus!

    Our fine party bus craftsmen spared no expense in the assemblage of this gorgeous Detroit Party Bus! The finest leather seating, the most elegant dark hardwood flooring, the coolest mood lighting we could come up with, multiple HUGE HD televisions, and a sound system that will knock your socks off. All of this and more, in this luxurious party bus package!

34 Passenger Party Bus

Spend your next special big occasion in the comfortable confines of opulent luxury! This accommodating 30 passenger party bus is a relatively newer addition to the fleet, and features the finest niceties that we could come up with!


  • Sometimes, size does matter!

    For the finest luxury, in the largest package, our flagship 35 passenger party bus is both luxurious and has the most commodious interior to accommodate up to 39 of your guests. Packed with amenities, and loaded with creature comforts, you'll find this big party bus lacking in absolutely no area.

35 Passenger Party Bus

Get your friends together, and have a night like no one ever imagined! This 35 passenger party bus is accommodating and even features our largest interior, Bluetooth connectivity, and several TVs should your group want any entertainment along for the ride.