Detroit Party Bus Rental Pricing and Rates

The Detroit Party Bus Rental pricing structure is set up in a way to give you the best value at any given point in time. Due to the varying nature of our prices, we are unfortunately unable to provide a traditional price list on line. The good news is, as we mentioned, because of our varied pricing structure... our clientele get the best price possible on any given day. We'll explain just how this works in the paragraph below:


In this day an age, there are many factors which determine our costs and expenses. The fluctuating cost of fuel, the various materials costs which go into maintaining and improving our fleet, and the wages required to get everyone working for you. We have set our pricing structure in a way that it is responsive to the costs which go into keeping our fleet running. What this means for you, is that when our costs are down, so are our prices. While, yes, it would be easier for us to just set a ceiling on the high side and prime our prices based on that; that would go against the Detroit Party Bus Rental mantra of giving our clientele the very best value possible at all times! Our market forecasters are always looking to save you (and us) money. This is the prime benefit to you, and the reason to set our pricing the way we do.


We're happy to let you know about all of the information that comes with our party bus rates. Please be aware that the following pricing table shows our per hour pricing. Also, please be aware that your rate could be more if you're outside of our local service area. However, our capable booking agents will be able to give you a concrete price once you give them a call with all of your information. They're on the phones now for your benefit!


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