Detroit Homecoming

Is your son or daughter about to embark on yet another school dance experience this year? This is such a special time in your child's life, and it's one that will leave a mark on them for future years. In fact, this is the part of growing up that they've been looking forward to for years now. Homecoming is such a fun dance to be a part of! There's the process of finding the perfect dress or tuxedo, finding a date, and getting the right corsage...all of these things make the school dance experience what it is! Not only is Homecoming in Detroit one of the very first school dances of the school year for everybody to enjoy, but it's also the first football game of the high school season, and that comes with unlimited excitement for what the school year brings, plus a little friendly competition. Homecoming is a chance for the kids to start off fresh when the leaves start falling, and these times definitely wont last forever. That's why we believe it's as important as ever to ensure that your child has a great time at their next homecoming dance experience. Aside from being an embarrassing chaperone at the dance, there is definitely another way that you can ensure your son or daughter is safe throughout the dance without gracing them with your presence at the establishment itself. Of course, we're talking about ensuring your son or daughter has professional transportation for their next Detroit homecoming experience.

Renting a party bus or limousine is the best thing that you can do for your son or daughters Homecoming dance in Detroit. A professional chauffeur will pick up the kids and stick to the itinerary that you've provided. There's no worries about them going somewhere they're not supposed to go or doing anything they're not supposed to do. Our professional chauffeurs have provided transportation to countless Detroit Homecoming dances, and they know what to look out for when it comes to behavior. At the same time, they aren't going to be breathing down the necks of the passengers. They just do what they have to in order to ensure that your children are delivered safely to their destinations. Your children are going to fall in love with the different amenities that are provided on the interior of the party buses! We go above and beyond to ensure our party buses are completely impressive from the inside out. Our party buses come with tinted windows for privacy, hardwood flooring throughout, dancing poles, beverage areas complete with ice filled coolers for soda and juice, new flat screen televisions with DVD and BluRay players, impressive sound systems with the option to play your own music on the MP3 capable auxiliary cords, and much more. Your children will have a great, but more importantly, safe time on our vehicles, and you'll get to enjoy an empty house for the night. It sounds like a winning combination for everybody who is involved! Give us a call today.