Detroit Quinceaneras

Quinceanera happens to be the Spanish word for a teenage girl who is fifteen years of age. It also happens to be a coming-of-age celebration across certain cultures, and it's a very beautiful opportunity to reflect on that special young lady and all she has grown to be. A Quinceanera is quite a special event, no matter which way you look at it. When you think of these events, often images of young women in large, colorful ball gowns come to mind, and this isn't far from the truth. Today, Quincenaneras are quite different from the celebrations in the past. Instead of the affirmation of faith that this event stood for hundred of years ago, it's now a stately and lavish celebration that includes music, food,friends and family. In fact, a Quinceanera in Detroit is not unlike a wedding in many ways when it comes to the entertainment and activities that take place during the celebration. This is a great opportunity to ensure your daughter knows just how important she is to the family, so don't you want to ensure this celebration is one to remember? After all, your daughter only turns fifteen once...and it's up to you to make this a memorable event for her. The best way to plan a Detroit Quinceanera is to ensure you have the right mode of transportation for the party and it's festivities, and we believe the best mode of transportation for these types of events happens to be a party bus rental.

A party bus is the perfect way to show the young lady in your life that you care about her! Not only will she be completely impressed by the polished, feature-filled vehicle that we'll show up'll get to benefit from the convenience. No dealing with awful traffic, no finding directions, dealing with road closures or the annoyance of being the taxi driver for the night. Everything is completely taken care of when you choose this mode of transportation for your Quinceanera in Detroit. The lady of the event is sure to love our pink party bus! It's the perfect option for making a statement on this special day. You can even make a point of getting a pink dress to match with the party bus for ultimate coordination. No matter what you decide to do, the amazing amenities in our vehicles stay the same. We know that your event will benefit from convenient beverage areas, cupholders and coolers, color changing lights throughout, hardwood flooring, tinted windows, plasma screen televisions with DVD players for entertainment, subwoofer equipped stereo systems with iPod and MP3 capable auxiliary cords, and much more. With all of these features, there's no competition when it comes to finding transportation for your Detroit quinceanera. Give us a call for more information about your party bus rental and what it entails. We have employees who are able to be reached 24 hours a day to ensure you're always taken care of when you're with us!